Where True Love Is: An Affirming Devotional for LGBTQI+ Christians and Their Allies
by DeWitt Hall, Suzanne.

Where True Love Is offers a 90-day Biblical exploration of God, scripture, the law, gender, sexuality, marriage, and more. After reading it, you’ll be able to offer a Bible-based defense of the validity of LGBTQI+ Christian faith. More importantly, you’ll encounter the gorgeous, loving complexity of a God who can’t be stuffed into a book-sized box.

This is a study led by Meg Johnson for all interested in supporting and learning about the ways in which the christian faith interacts with our LGBTQI+ friends and family. All are welcome to drop in at anytime. The schedule is below. Gatherings are at HLUMC in the coffee lounge.

Monday, 9/30 5:30pm Who Is God? p.1

Monday, 10/7 5:30pm What is the Bible? Week 1, p. 11

Sunday, 10/13 11:45am (after church) What is the Bible? Week 2, p.23

Monday, 10/21 5:30pm Jesus and the Law: Week 1, Jesus as Lawbreaker, p. 42

Sunday, 10/27 11:45am (after church) Jesus and the Law: Week 2, Law a Problematic, p. 57

Monday, 11/4 5:30pm Jesus and the Law: Week 3, Jesus as Fulfillment of the Law, p. 71

Monday, 11/11 5:30pm Can a Sinner Be a Christian? p. 85

Sunday, 11/17 11:45am (after church) Who does Jesus Condemn and Why? P. 97

Monday, 11/25 5:30pm What Does Jesus Ask Us to Do? P. 111

Sunday, 12/1 11:45am (after church) Male and Female, He Created Them, p. 123

Monday, 12/9 5:30pm Sexuality and Marriage, Weeks 1 & 2, p. 137

Sunday, 12/15 11:45am (after church) What Does it Take to Get to Heaven and Conclusion, p. 167

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