Worship in JULY is ONLY in PERSON. We value our livestream online worship so much that we decided to take a break from it to make it better! There is a lot that goes into livestream worship and we want it to be amazing for our online community. We are working very hard this month to create an even better online experience. In the mean time – COME to worship in the sanctuary! 10:30am every Sunday morning. It’s old hymns month too – it will be so fun to sing out the good ole songs! More details about our livestream break can be found here: https://pastorcarriesblog.wordpress.com/2021/06/25/summer-re-runs/

Details for in-person worship...

  • Fully vaccinated worshippers can choose to not wear a mask if they’d like. We request that non-vaccinated people continue to wear masks.
  • All singing will be done in masks to continue to keep us safe – SO if you plan to sing the hymns and songs with us – and we really want you to – bring your mask to put on for the singing!
  • You are welcome to come in and find your own seat but we ask that you continue to distance. Sit in the parts the pews that are not marked off by sheets of paper.
  • We will not have a bulletin. We will not pass the peace in the traditional way or pass the offering plate (although we still want you to give!). Baskets will be at the doors.
  • Our pastors will stand outside to greet worshippers after the service is over.
  • Please be aware that everyone has their own comfort level with the changing covid rules and expectations. Be sensitive to how your brother or sister may want to distance, not touch, etc. We are all learning together!
  • We are looking forward to seeing you Sunday either in person
  • Childcare is available every sunday. No sign up required
  • Questions – Email Pastor Carrie cwright@hlumc.org

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