Advent Worship

12/03/2017 | 11:00 am

Clutter! Every home has it: In the drawer, the closet, the garage, the outbuilding, and hard to find what you are looking for, for all the clutter. Every day is cluttered, with expectations, activities, energy-sapping stuff; and hard to know what to think or feel or do, on account of the clutter. Some days are even more cluttered—the Holidays, for instance—so many “have to’s” and “need to’s” (and all of them important) that it is hard to know what is crucial, hard to find the truth under the clutter of words, images, memes, symbols. So…what if we could get beneath all the clutter, there to discover what we are really looking for?

This Advent season as we seek to get beneath the clutter we invite you to participate in a church wide devotional reading. As a gift from the church we offer you a book of daily devotional scriptures and readings to pick up and read December 3-24th. Each day is just a page – but a start to keeping our hearts and minds centered this Advent Season.

We also have the opportunity to participate in a mission each week. “It’s not your birthday” one author reminds us…how can we celebrate the birth of Christ in a way Jesus would want us to? – by giving to others. Come to the Chrismon tree in the sanctuary each Sunday to pick up a slip of paper for a reminder to bring something to fill Welcome Baskets for the families living in the shelter this season. At the end of Advent we will put the baskets together and create blessings for those living with so little right now.

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Longest Night Worship Service

Thursday, December 21st | 7-8pm 

Many people find the holidays an enormous challenge because as others are singing and shopping, their hearts are heavy with grief. They miss loved ones and perhaps live with the pain of unresolved issues or what-could-have-been. The traditions and bright lights only serve to heighten their struggle. On the Winter Solstice (the longest night of the year) we will offer a Longest Night Service. It provides time for people to bring their grief and tears to worship in raw honesty instead of hiding behind a mask or refraining from worship altogether. This longest night of the year reminds us that the nighttime is often the most difficult time to face grief. And it provides us all an opportunity to  care for one another and remind ourselves that the True Light shines in the darkness!

Christmas Eve Worship 

Live Nativity Worship – 5:00pm

A worship service for all, but especially geared toward families and the youngest among us.  
Live animals, favorite Christmas tunes, the simple telling of the Christmas story, all while surrounded with beautiful luminaries outside on the front lawn.  45min worship

11:00pm  Candlelight Worship

Holy Communion, Carols, Candles…peace.

Rejoice and Sing!
 | Christmas Eve

Lessons and Carols: 4th Sunday of Advent
Lessons and Carols Service with Chancel Choir, Praise Team, Organ, & Strings

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