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Worship Theme

We continue our theme of serving in 2019/2020:  Serving:  living together as God’s people. But this lenten season we will focus on prayer. How did Jesus pray? How did Jesus teach his disciples and consequently us to pray? We come together searching for how to bring our hearts and prayers closer to that of Jesus. And each week after hearing the Word we will experience a different type of prayer. Maybe you’ll find a new one that you like to incorporate into your own daily prayer…

Jesus prayed.

Dripping with water after he was baptized, caked with desert dust in the wilderness, bleeding and broken on the cross, Jesus prayed: to do God’s will, to resist the Enemy’s temptations, to be faithful in death as well as life.

Jesus prayed: before he choose the disciples, after the disciples chose against him.

Jesus prayed forgiveness: for his friends, for his enemies, for those who betrayed him and those who killed him.

Jesus prayed, and Jesus taught us to pray: when we have decisions to make, when we face moments of crisis, when we are alone, tempted and tested: Pray like this, he said: for these things: for God’s will to be done on earth as in heaven. For all to be fed. All to be forgiven. For all to be freed.

Jesus prayed. And lived as he prayed. His example is our goal this Lenten season.

Carrie Wright

Rev Carrie A. Wright Minister of Worship Arts / Associate Pastor

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