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Worship Theme

How do you count the days? Does that seem like an odd question? Maybe it is, but it is still valid. We count the days we have been in quarantine.  We count the days of Phase one and two.  We count the days until school ends or until we go on vacation.  Last week was Pentecost Sunday – the birthday of the church.  The celebration of the Holy Spirit.  And now we are entering the longest season on the Christian calendar. Some call it Ordinary Time, and some call it the Season after Pentecost. Today is Trinity Sunday – the first sunday after Pentecost.  The day we celebrate the 3 persons of the trinity, the father, son, and holy spirit…or another way the Creator, the redeemer, the sustainer.   So, how do you count the days?  In creation God counted the days…on the first day God separated the light from the darkness.   There was evening and there was morning – the first day.  And so on..

How do you count the days? marking the passing of time. One of the things that “season after Pentecost” can do is remind us that we are walking in the power of the Spirit. We are the church empowered, equipped, and sent by the God we worship and the Christ we offer. By counting the days, or the weeks, all season long, from spring through summer into fall, we are saying we have a mission, we have a purpose. We don’t just gather to worship for ourselves. We aren’t just about taking care of our own souls. We are being shaped; we are practicing how to offer Christ to the world. The songs we sing with one another to God in worship are the songs we sing to the world. The prayers we pray to God with one another are the prayers we pray on behalf of the world. The testimonies we rehearse in worship together are the stories we tell in our communities and neighborhoods and world.

By counting the days, we are reminded that this matters. Creation matters, relationships matter, the people around us matter, the similarities AND the differences.  All of this is a part of God’s purpose in the world. And we are part of God’s purpose in the world. So, our worship task this series is to bring the world into worship, to be reminded that we are preparing to be a part of what God is doing, already doing, in the world around us

Carrie Wright

Rev Carrie A. Wright Minister of Worship Arts / Associate Pastor

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