Play Softball!

Grab your leather and get your game on! Softball is near at hand. If you are interested in playing this year on the HLUMC Men’s Softball Team, email Joe Rempson asap.

The schedule for this season’s softball games just came out.

Our first game will be at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, June 19.

Our second game will be at 7:15 pm on Monday, June 24

Our third game will be at 7:15 pm on Wednesday June 26

There will be no games the week of July 1 – 5.

All games will be played on the field behind Providence Baptist Church at 4921 Randolph Rd.

Loud, cheering, fun-loving fans are welcome!

Theology on Top

Theology on Top will continue on various dates throughout the summer, at Harris Teeter at Plaza/Midwood. June date are June 3, 10 and 24. Join us 7 p.m. for an hour of fellowship and bible-reading. At 8, we adjourn to a neighborhood pub for more conversation and libations. Come and bring a friend… and if you have been thinking about joining us, this would be a great time!

All Are Welcome

All are welcome in this place…as many have heard there were significant votes taken at the UM General Conference this past week.  While we at Hawthorne Lane remain faithfully United Methodist we also stand strong in our commitment to welcoming all to God’s table.  We know we are called to Be Disciples, Make Disciples, and Transform Lives and we will continue to work toward that goal each and everyday of our life in community together.  We are passionate about worshipping together, about growing in our faith together, and serving together…We invite you to come and join us!  gay or straight, black or white, democrat or republican, rich or poor …ALL…ALL are welcome in this place and at Christ’s table.  The words to “Welcome” by Mark Miller and Laurie Zelman say it best…

Let’s talk together of a time when we will share a feast
where pride and power kneel to serve the lonely and the least
and joy will set the table as we join our hands to pray,
singing welcome, welcome to this place
you’re invited to come and know God’s grace,
all are welcome, the love of God to share
’cause all of us are welcome here,
all are welcome in this place.

(Words by Laurie Zelman and Mark Miller, 2007)

Music Camp

Join us for music and arts education camp for 1st-3rd grade, music and arts theatre camp for 4th-8th grade and high schoolers can join us for music and theater youth camp. For more information and to sign up follow the link here.

Kids Praise

Come celebrate with the kids at HLUMC – what an incredible God we serve! We are chosen by God – loved and adopted into God’s family! A celebration by KIDS for KIDS (but the grown ups can come too…actually we want you to come jump up and down with us!) We will sing, remember our theme scripture, jump up and down a little, maybe holler a little too because we do love Jesus. And then all of us can celebrate on the lawn with burgers and dogs courtesy of David/Sharon and crew. Hope to see you at HLUMC at 5:30 – Wednesday May 8th!

Easter Vigil

We are getting back to our roots again this year with this ancient prayer vigil service. Historically an Easter Vigil is service held in Christian churches as the first official celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus. It is held in the hours of darkness between sunset on Holy Saturday and sunrise on Easter Day – most commonly in the evening of Holy Saturday or midnight – and is the first celebration of Easter. (traditionally days began at sunset). This year we will celebrate the Easter Vigil instead of the sunrise service on Sunday morning. Following the service we will gather for coffee and cinnamon rolls as we welcome the resurrection of Christ!

Holy Week

12 Noon Song & Prayer Services (Kids worship services at the same time with Ms. Lizanne!)  Lunch to follow on thursday.

BBQ Sale!

HLUMC Parking lot, PICK UP ONLY  June 1 – 11am

Delicious slow cooked B-B-Que chicken and pork ribs, slathered in Gene Gardners WORLD FAMOUS tomato based BBQ sauce. Sold in half chicken or half rack rib quantities. Proceeds to go to HLUMCs biggest need. Pre-orders preferred or you can take your chances. We need 100 orders to be able to make this work so please get your orders in early!  Deadline is May 28th.

Price per half chicken = $9.00 / full chicken = $16.00
Price per half rack of ribs = $10.00 / full rack = $19.00

Order here


To Mars and Beyond VBS invites Voyagers ages 3yrs – 5th grade on a space travel adventure to explore where God’s power can take them! Along the journey, Voyagers discover a new realm of possibilities as they reach for the stars and encounter the limitless power and love of God! Dates are August 5 – 9.  VBS is  9-11am and then we offer after care from 11-1pm for an extra fee.  VBS registration is just $25! (After care is an extra $75 per child)  More information?  Contact Mrs. Lizanne

Register here

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