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Our Wednesday night M³ Kids are working on a mission project for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Charlotte called “Snack Pack Program.” We are collecting items to use in putting together snack bags to deliver to 2 locations. Our goal is to make 300 bags. Please help us by donating any of the items listed below. You can bring them to church or order online and have them delivered to the church! Thank you in advance for your generosity!!!

ABOUT SNACK PACK PROGRAM (From Boys & Girls Club of Charlotte):

Each day students across Mecklenburg and Union County step into a Boys & Girls Club location to participate incharacter building programs, receive assistance with homework assignments, and interact with fellow students in a safe learning environment.

Companies, Civic groups, and Churches can engage volunteers and employees by purchasing snack pack items in bulk and plan a group assembly opportunity, or provide items to volunteers to assemble individually.

Snack Pack items can be purchased at Walmart, Amazon, or other grocery store. Below is an example of snack- items that can be included. The listed items are just an example and can be adjusted as needed. Snack items with peanuts or nuts should not be included.

The items listed below can create 150 snack packs. Additional items can be purchased to create more packs.

(5) 30ct. Goldfish cracker packs

(4) 40ct. Welch’s fruit snacks

(7) 24ct. Great Value – Chewy Chocolate Chunk Granola Bars

(5) 30ct. Capri Sun fruit juice pouches

(3) 50ct. Lunch bags

Other possible alternative items: Lance crackers, fruit cups, cheese its, baked chips, pretzels.

Notes of encouragement can be created using postcard size card stock, or plain brightly colored paper. Examples of notes of encouragement could include:

Mistakes help you learn and grow!

You are changing the world! 

Confidence looks good on you!

Your actions are powerful.

Don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

Life might seem like it is full of tests, questions, grades, and pressure, but still dream.

Please send questions to Mrs. Lizanne:

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