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Advent Bags

Since we can’t all meet together for Advent/Christmas worship each week – HLUMC Advent is coming to you! The staff and the worship committee have gathered up supplies for each family to have an advent wreath, a devotional, plus kids and youth activities for this season. We are excited to share in worship together even from a distance. We invite you to come pick up your Advent Bag anytime you are near the church this week. Dropping off sandwiches? Picking up kids from preschool? Just walking your dog? Stop in to the sanctuary and find the bag with your family name on it. (and if you live near others – grab theirs too and deliver it!). If you are unable to pick yours up just contact Pastor Carrie and she’ll have one of the worship team bring it to you! Also if you know of a friend or neighbor who needs a little cheering, a bit of the light of Christ in a special way but would not be on our list to receive a bag – please let us know. We have extra supplies and would love to make a bag for them. Send all questions to Pastor Carrie or on social media.

Carrie Wright

Rev Carrie A. Wright Minister of Worship Arts / Associate Pastor

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